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Taihu lake is located in Wuxi City, Smith Barney forging Co Ltd is a metal forming, professional production enterprises of cold and hot processing, mainly equipped with 15000KN, 3500KN, 3150KN double action supporting 15M3, 3M3, 6.5M hydraulic machine head cold spinning machine oil heating furnace. 10T bridge crane, big production Hot and cold stamping parts, head specifications Di89-6500mm, flange S1525-S5063. Is your ideal partner.
High quality employees can create high-quality products. The engineering and technical personnel accounting for 20% of the total number, in recent years, we are in full development and the development of a large number of all kinds of stamping products, the production process includes: blanking, bending, stretching, necking, forming bulging flanging etc..
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